Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A brand new day...


Today we are thrilled to announce that our beautiful son was reborn in Christ! Declan was baptized by Father Charlie Donahue this afternoon while Grandparents, Godparents and Mama and Daddy looked on.

Father Charlie gave a beautiful homily (or sermon, if you will) about how the Holy Spirit came to Jesus' baptism in the form of a dove and how the dove is a sign of peace because the dove is such a fragile animal that it requires peace to thrive. How doves can live their entire lives in one tree. How Declan is like a dove in that he will thrive in a peaceful, loving, Christian home and how, like a dove, he will always be able to find his way home. He also brought up the fact that since the first century when babies are baptized, they are anointed over their fontanels so that "they will always have a soft spot for God".

It was like he knew that today was something special! After the service, most of us went to Calhoun's on the river for dinner. It was lovely. Declan's "Fairy Godmother" (Aunt Susanna) snapped this beautiful family photo outside of the restaurant.


The Fawvers said...

How special and lovely Katy! Blessings for Declan! LOVE YOU

Jamie said...

Katy, that is one adorable boy. I could just pinch his cheeks.