Sunday, April 18, 2010

I was tagged...

Shell-bell tagged me several days ago and was interested in the contents of my purse... Lucky for me, I'm in the midst of changing over from my winter to my spring/summer bag so the timing couldn't have been better...
I'm transferring from the black patent bag to the discontinued vera bradley print that my brother and father bought me two Christmases ago. I've become less of a bag person since I've become a mother... probably because I have to carry more bags.  What you see before you are the contents of my bag.
*Zebra print wallet
*3 pens(one of which is neon orange)
*super-cute yellow change purse given to me by my dear friend, Molly. I keep $1 bills in it to pay for parking in the close garage (or when I hit up the mouse's ear... I KID!!!)
*1 zone perfect bar
*Sephora gift card/compact
*silver case that uses to hold gift cards
*burt's bees hand lotion. It's the world's STINKIEST hand lotion but it feels sooooo good!
*4 pink lip glosses and a tube of lipstick. (Don't judge me! I like variety. )
*Hand Sanitizer
*Nail Polish in "OPI Red". It's my signature red. I've worn it since High School. Opi discontinued the color for a while but brought it back (Thank the Sweet LORD!). I just keep my bottle in my purse so that when I gotta get a pedi in a hurry, I'm good to go!

Sadly, if you did a "What's in your bag?" diaper bag edition, you'd find much of the same stuff.
Now it's my turn to tag some people...
Meredith , JamieElizabeth and Allison.
I want to know what you girls are packin'!

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JMH ED Staff said...

Oh dear Katy bug- Im afraid that I have just recently changed my bag too, and believe it or not I DRASTICALLY downsized! My small purse (which coincidentally my hubby bought me with a matching diaper bag that i LOVE!) has my license, some cash, 3 credit cards (Ann Taylor, Kohls, and our Capital One), lip gloss and lipstick, iPhone, and a gift card to Belk. If you had asked me 2 days ago, you would have gotten a MUCH more colorful response! :)