Monday, April 12, 2010

Declan's weekend of spring time adventure!!

This weekend was so beautiful that we spent as much time as possible out of doors! I got as many pictures as I could stand to get but there are some missing... because sometimes a mom just has to live in the moment and not worry about a silly camera!

Declan looked super duper sporty in his shades

He LOVED the hammock...

But was none too thrilled to roll around in the patch of violets!

(this one's a little blurry but he looked so cute in his new hat!!!)

In addition to our roll in the hammock and grass, we also had a snuggle picnic under a shady dogwood and played "Peekaboo" for hours while Daddy did manly yard-work things and the dogs looked on. This weekend felt like the closest to heaven that I've ever been for sure. Thank GOODNESS Spring is here!


PS. Keep a dear friend of mine with a big heavy special intention in your prayers please. Thanks!

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