Wednesday, September 9, 2009

let me catch my breathe!

I should still be pregnant but I am not. Our beautiful son, Benjamin Declan England, was born a month early on August 28th at 10:46 at night. This was the same day as Grandaddy Bop Bop England's birthday and the day after Nana Pangle's birthday. It was also 9 days before our first anniversary. His Grandaddy and Gramma McDonald and Uncle Micah were in town from Buffalo for vacation so... Declan really has perfect timing!

As of day 11, Declan has surpassed his birthweight (which was 7lbs, 3oz... thank GOD he was early)and is now 7lbs 6oz of pure breastfed awesomeness. He smiles ALL THE TIME (especially in his sleep) and I know it's probably just gas at this stage but it still melts my heart!

He has Ben's eyes, nose, dimple and feet and he has my hair (sans the double crown),chin and chubby cheeks. I could seriously eat him up. I can't believe how blessed and lucky I feel. He's healthy, happy and HERE!