Saturday, June 26, 2010

Here's more cute.

Please bear with me as I try to figure out all of the ins and outs of video posting. Thanks!

Try not to lay down and die...

I know this is way more cuteness than most people can handle... You've been warned.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Got 10 minutes?

Are you a fan of bad editing? Do you love horrible/mismatched music dubbed over home videos? Do you also love babies kissing? Well, this link is for you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not yer average cooking blog...

I started a cooking blog...
Because no one told me not to.
Let the hilarity ensue!
(Oh food! How I love you!)

Also, here are more pics of Declan because, really, that's the only reason you're here in the first place

Climbing in Daddy's chair! (Seats are for bottoms!)

How cute is this expression?

(can you see those top 3 chompers?)

Monday, June 14, 2010

"I am a parenting genius" ...

Is only true prior to becoming an actual parent. True fact. Another true fact is that even AFTER becoming a parent, one might still tell themselves that they are, in fact, a parenting genius but it will certainly be proven otherwise just as soon as that smug little gem is uttered or thought of. 

Before I became a mother, I was a pediatric nurse. I had an unending supply of patience and an uncanny knack for soothing even the most colicky baby to a sound slumber. I had tips and tricks for every parenting pitfall and from my perspective, they seemed to work. And then Declan was born... 

Suddenly, I could no longer settle my own wild, milk-drunk fuss monkey to sleep. As soon as I discovered the tight swaddle/hair dryer cd  was working (It took several nights to notice) I thought, "I am a parenting genius"... and he immediately had a growth spurt that doubled his strength and allowed him to burst forth out of the swaddle. Sad day. 

You think I would have learned. Oh, but that smarmy streak of mine is long and wide and it gets me every time. EVERY STINKIN' TIME!!! Such as my solution to the diaper-unfastening trick he's been mastering. 

Remember this?

As luck would have it, he does enjoy using the big boy potty. I've learned that it's best to put him on the potty about 10 minutes after eating. It saves me a diaper. Also, he seems to handle his business as soon as I walk out of the bathroom. Maybe he likes the privacy. Also, if he doesn't have to go, he manages to climb off the potty and flip it upside down. Also. Also. Also. Oh Katy, when will you ever learn ? 

This morning Declan nursed then he ate then I put him on the big boy potty. I left to make the bed (Seriously, our house is tiny. I'm actually only about 10 feet away from my son as I do this. ) and give him his privacy. No sooner do I turn my back than  that mental pat on the back worms it's way into my crazy mom brain. "Look at me! Multi-tasking! My son needs his privacy. He would NEVER turn a full potty over. He only does that when he is bored and doesn't need to go! My son is a little baby genius and I AM A PARENTING GENIUS!" Immediately after that thought has been thunk, I hear a clanging clink sound. I take two steps and I'm in the bathroom... with my son happily clanging his upside-down potty while it's former contents decorate the floor. 

And I suddenly hear a different voice in my head. It belongs to my mother-in-law and she's telling me the story of... (Cindy, you know what the story is about.) Nevermind. The story is not important. Only the moral. Let's just leave with the thought that Declan is his father's son.   

Sunday, June 13, 2010

SO I have this wild and crazy idea...

That I can feed my family a healthy, well-rounded, mainly vegetarian diet without my husband or myself missing meat too much... and without my having to choke down any beans. I hate beans. Yes, even black beans. Even in chili. Beans are gross. Well, all beans except green beans and garbanzo beans. This little Mama loves her hummus. Can this be done?

I stumbled upon this hair-brained notion after reading this great little book called Food Rules. It's awesome and so simple that it really got my wheels turning. Now that I'm a stay-at-home Mama/Wife (Domestic Engineer), I've got more time to focus on slow food versus "fast food". What if I cleaned up our diet and moved our family away from over-processed, high fructose corn syrup-filled "edible food-like substances" and moved us towards a more whole foods approach? I'm certain it can be done but it isn't going to be easy. 

My husband is super picky ("No white condiments. No zucchini. No sweet potato. I don't like it when you cook with wine. Let's get a pizza and on my half I want bacon and sausage and diet mountain dew ... " ok, so this isn't a direct quote exactly and I might be fabricating the part about diet mtn dew on a pizza but still, he drinks that stuff ALL the time.) and I'm not much better ("Ew gross, beans! Ketchup only on my burger! Does this chicken salad have pickle relish in it because if so I won't eat it! I will only drink mayfield's skim milk or else I'll just die of brittle bones!") and we both eat healthy about 50% of the time which isn't enough. It just isn't. 

My goal is to prepare hearty, healthy and delicious veggie-based meals that are so awesome that no one misses the meat. I'm not saying remove meat all together, I'm just saying at least 5 nights a week make meals with no meat. Maybe a little fish here and there. Move our healthy eating to 95% of the time. It's going to take baby steps and lots of help. I'm thinking that I might even start a blog all about it with recipes and ideas. Maybe not. It might be the lamest blog ever. I'll have to think about it.

Now, I ask very little of my readers but today I am asking you for help. Please comment or email me with ideas, blog links, recipes as you run across them, your opinion on whether this little idea of mine needs a blog all it's own or not. Thanks so much! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

maternity leave reprise...

Thursday was my last day of work at Children's Hospital. Many, MANY tears were shed. Also, I hate goodbyes. HATE THEM. Our little family is having to say far too many goodbyes over the next month and it's killing me....But I digress.  As I was saying, Thursday was my last day of work. I've had a paying job since I was 15 and I have worked at Children's for the last 6 years of my life so this will take some getting used to. Also, I LOVE being a nurse and am fortunate to not only have amazing coworkers but I happen to have taken care of the best patients to EVER be sick. Seriously, my patients are the BEST.  Where am I ever going to find that again? I'm not. That's where!

Friday was a jam-packed day of doctor's appts for our handsome, tri-toothed sugar-monkey. He's 9 months old, you know. Since I have such a hard time saying goodbye and since we were in the area anyway, Declan and I went to the GI for Kids office in the Children's Medical Office Building (that's where I've been specifically working for the last 2 plus years). Declan was super charming. He got his picture made with several of my sweet work friends but this is the only one I have access to at the moment...

This is Declan with Mama's dear friend, Angela. 

After visiting with our friends at the GI office, we went over to the hospital and visited with my dear friends at the Oncology Clinic. I worked with these girls on the inpatient side and we all moved to other areas about the same time. I remembered quickly why I was a pediatric oncology nurse for as long as I was... I really miss those girls and those sweet little bald-headed kiddos! Here are two pics from Oncology Clinic...

My dear friend, Brittany. I'm going to miss her soooo much!

This is Declan and Gail. Declan is sporting some sweet headgear.

So, I guess today counts as my first OFFICIAL day of Stay-at-home motherhood. I did four loads of laundry, changed the sheets, went to the gym and did the grocery shopping. It was quite a busy day. It may be more work not to work!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

On Friday we bought Declan a play floor...

As you can see, He LOVED it!!!

Then Daddy and Mama got dressed up  and took Declan to Nana's and went to a party!!!

(Sort of dressed up... I didn't exactly brush my hair or anything)

On Saturday, Declan went to the pool for the first time!!!

He LOVED it!!! He's quite the little swimmer but...

I didn't get any pictures of him in the actual pool... Just in-between dips while smothering him in sunscreen!

Saturday Night we went to dinner with the Fawvers where we were thoroughly entertained by a most rousing game of Peek-a-Boo with this little cutie...

(Could you just EAT her?!?! I had to steal this pic from her mama's facebook as I forgot the camera!)

On Sunday, we spent some time with our dear friends, The Jahnkes!
I forgot to pull out the camera but it was super fun to spend time with them and their stinking adorable little fireplug, Little David. 

After that, Declan and Daddy played in the yard for a minute...

And it was so fun!!!

Then we went to Sunday dinner with the fam where my baby grand-cousin, Avery, ACTUALLY let me braid her hair...

Have you ever seen a more beautiful girl in all your life???

What a wonderful weekend!

I hope yours was blessed and happy!
The Englands!!!