Friday, March 8, 2013


I am a proud mama.  My boys are the light of my life. They make my heart explode about a million times a day for a million different reasons. I will give a brief run-down of their personalities: Both boys are happy, smart, sweet, funny, loving and stubborn in their own ways. They are very similar in most ways but differ in a few key traits. Declan had colic and didn't sleep through the night until he was 11 months old. Aengus, on the other hand, barely made a peep and was sleeping through the night before 4 months old. Aengus is laid-back (possibly the side effect of being born second) and very cautious while Declan has no in-born sense of self-preservation and, well, he's my spicy fella. 

Declan has had a rough week. It's likely due to his staunch refusal to nap (Oh, only since he was 18 months old. We tried to force it about once every 3-6 months for a while, but usually those 20 minute power naps ended in major mischief of epic proportions. Imagine what would happen if you were to leave a billy goat/raccoon/honey badger-hybrid in a toddler's room for 20 minutes)  despite waking up earlier and earlier. So,  yeah, some major melt-downs and hot toddler tantrum action have been reported this week. He had to go to the preschool principal's office both days. :(

He's also been in full-tilt danger-tot mode. Evel Knievel's got NOTHING on this boy. I'm guessing he's averaged a concussion a day. 

He's been a hand full of dynamite this week but still... he tries so hard to be a good boy. He hugs fiercely, he smooches freely, he readily apologizes and he still makes me proud a hundred times a day for a hundred different reasons.  I will say in no uncertain terms that never before have any of those reasons ever been based on his behavior in a restaurant... until tonight. 

So, yes, I am bragging on my amazing, fearless kid despite all the time-outs and trouble! We decided to take the boys out to dinner at a restaurant we've never been to as a family. It was a yummy Thai restaurant. Declan sat down, spoke politely to the server, didn't wander all over the establishment or make a big scene. He didn't yell or get mad. When the food was brought, he ate EVERY bite we put on his plate. He tried everything (and we didn't play it safe, folks) and even asked for seconds. 

He. Was. Awesome! 

I am so proud of my little foodie and I am thrilled we were able to end a bumpy week on such a positive note! 

Three cheers for Declan!

 Hip! Hip! HOORAY!

Failing at Lent.

You guys... It's just not going to happen. Forgive me. We had a few really great first few days of Lenten photos, but it really was too ambitious.