Wednesday, January 13, 2010

little tiny miracles...

Yesterday evening a poor, tiny country on the island of Hispaniola saw the rage of Mother Nature. A devastating earthquake shook Haiti and the number of lives lost as a result will be, without a doubt, staggering. Please pray for all of the Haitian people and that the Holy Spirit cloak them with God's loving comfort and peace. Please pray for the relief workers and that Christ light can shine through them in this dark time.

In less important news, we had some crazy real world adventures today. Declan woke us up at 4:45 this morning with a barky ol' cough. Ben brought him into our bed so I could nurse him. When he was finished I brought him back to his crib. Walking back to bed, I noticed a foul cat-pee smell. While we do have a feline friend, he has NEVER peed or marked a thing. I woke Ben up and told him I suspected a gas leak.

I called into work because it was obvious that Declan's week-long cold had morphed into croup and he needed to be seen and Ben called KUB to check it the odor. As it happened, KUB came right out and found the problem and fixed it while Declan and I were at the pediatrician's office. Declan received a dose of a liquid corticosteroid called decadron and that was that.

I'm choosing to look at this day as a day full of tiny miracles... My son can still breathe and our house did not blow up. My son did have a little 'roid rage as a result of the decadron but it wasn't anything that can't be forgiven and forgotten with a nap and a piece of chocolate!

I hope you all are well! Love, The Englands