Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Face of May...

The most beautiful new face I saw all month was obviously the one I had spent the last 9 months growing... Let me tell you, sweet Aengus is such an alert, sweet, wonderful baby and this pic I snapped in the hospital captures his angelic, wide-eyed personality. Can you tell I'm just a little bit in love???

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Monday was the first day that I was left alone, outnumbered by my offspring. It went very well. Everybody got fed. Everybody got changed.  Nobody deliberately gave themselves a concussion while throwing a temper tantrum. I considered it a win. 

Then came Tuesday. It was exactly the opposite of Monday. Declan dropped a 5lb barbell on Ben's big fancy TV we bought at New Years with Christmas money. It no longer has a picture and apparently that is a very VERY bad thing. A "can't be repaired" kind of bad.  I would have loved to have prevented this very bad thing from happening but I happened to have Aengus James in my lap and he's irreplaceable, you see, and the TV can be replaced just as soon as we feel like we want to pony up at bestbuy. We grabbed a much less fancy/large/expensive replacement because the sesame street dance party must continue on, y'all. Thankfully, it's just stuff and with Declan (a.k.a. Toddlerasaurus Rex) around, it's best not to get too attached to "stuff".  Oh yeah, I made dinner for the fam. Still winning, Charlie Sheen. 

Wednesday came and with it came an AWESOMELY HUGE diaper blowout... and then another... and another. It was gross... and also why Declan has not worn pants or shorts over his diaper since yesterday morning... Because I can spot blowouts before they happen this way. Also, it provides more freedom for awesome dance moves!!! I was also able to make dinner for the fam and it was DELICIOUS! Ben gave me an awesome opportunity to go to target ALL BY MYSELF last night. It was fabulous. I listened to Steve Earle on the way home and felt like I was 24 years old again. Oh freedom! 

Today has been much like yesterday. No-pants dance party for the toddler, snuggling the beautiful newborn, herding dogs yadda yadda. Best part is that I'm going on a date with my handsome, charming husband. WOOHOO!

I'll leave you with a few images of Aegus (And before you tell me I'm being unfair to Declan, Mom, there are 2 video links above of Declan getting down... So I'm totally even Steven! ) 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's day revelations plus other news...

This is what I looked like on Mother's Day, this year:

Huge... 36 weeks 4 days pregnant but measuring 43 weeks

And the next few images best illustrate every waking moment of my life for the past few months:

But mostly, I tried to savor these little moments with my first-born despite my obvious struggles:

Because, as he has taught me, he will grow up much too fast.

On to other news...

        On May 10th ( officially 4 days more pregnant than I had ever been with Declan)I decided that I would likely be pregnant for 2 more weeks so I might as well get comfy. I went to Target and purchased 2 soft maternity t-shirts 1 size up from what I've been wearing as well as a size bigger shorts. I also booked a prenatal massage for the weekend. I went home and made homemade pizza for dinner... then I ripped the tags off the new maternity clothes and threw them in the washer, thus sealing my fate. 

        No sooner did the spin cycle start then the first contraction hit. 6 minutes later another. They stayed 6 minutes apart for an hour. I got in the shower and they stopped as soon as I hit the water. Then I stepped out of the tub and was immediately greeted with a huge wave of nausea and contractions that were 4 minutes apart. Ben went for a quick run. They worsened in intensity and length for 2 more hours.  I requested Ben go ahead and shower. He stretched out on the floor instead and we watched an episode of law & order (duhn duhn!). Half way through, I looked at Ben and said,"Did you hear me? I think you need to go ahead and shower, I'm going to call the OB on call." Ben's eyes got huge and he sprinted to the shower. I called the OB and the babysitter.

         30 minutes later the car was packed, the babysitter was here and the contractions were still kickin'. We arrived at the hospital around 1130pm. I was put on the monitor and checked. Turns out I was in labor. Contractions regular, increasing etc and cervix dilating to 4 and soft...and baby's head was not engaged in my pelvis. Having no desire to wait around to dilate to 9.5 cm and still have baby not engaged (like last time), I turned down the opportunity to vbac and the OR was prepped. 

At 1:50 am on May 11th, 2011  after much struggle by the OB to even deliver him surgically, our beautiful son, Aengus James England was born. He weighed in at 8lbs 11 oz (technically considered a preemie since I went into labor at 36 weeks 6 days) and 20 inches long.

We're home now and he's even more beautiful!

He's alert and sweet and he nurses like a champion.

The best part of all is that this one, while a little confused about all the commotion,

Is still pretty happy about the whole thing.
(and so am I! I have 2 sweet boys now!!!)