Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The McEngland intrauterine swim team...

Starring Baby McAwesomepants England as the star swimmer has officially had it's first big practice. I'm guessing she's in there working on her flip turns because I have been feeling kicks and flips EVERYWHERE all afternoon. I'm not gonna lie, though, it's been pretty great and exciting... and I sure am proud!

 Oh yeah! Today marks week 18 so I guess that she can vote in her fetus elections and sign up for the fetus draft. Oh, this post is just getting more and more weird so  I probably should end it here. 
Katy England

Monday, April 20, 2009

...sorry for the hiatus...

Ok, So I'm trying to hop back on the blogwagon... As I'm sure you know, the McEnglands are growing a brand new baby McAwesomepants. Baby McEngland is due September 23rd, 2009. This is 2 weeks after our first wedding anniversary. It's been a pretty big year.
SO I guess I'll post answers (some of them a little snarky) to questions I've been getting pretty frequently (as in daily). I bet you can guess the questions so I'll leave those out...

#1. I am feeling great. Yes, I had horrible morning sickness and I threw up my toenails at night on a regular basis. I'm over that for the most part but I've got heartburn that could start a 4 alarm fire. 

#2. I'll be 18 weeks this Wednesday... Yes, It's almost half way there... 4 and a half months. Pregnancy is 10 lunar months. 

#3. No, we don't know what we are having. 

#4.We can find out at the next appointment but we are going to wait until Baby McAwesomepants gets here. 

#5. I feel in  my heart of hearts that it's a girl. Yes, Kip, I know Tom England didn't make girls and neither did Seth on his first attempt at fatherhood.  J.D. McDonald never sired girls (and he had 4 boys)... But guess who had 4 granddaughters? J.D. McDonald. 

#6. We have GREAT, well thought-out names picked out. We aren't telling because we don't want them stolen nor do we want people to try to talk us out of them. 

#7. Our baby was definitely the happiest surprise God ever planned for us up to this point. So yes, technically, this pregnancy was planned. 

#8. I am showing but not very well in scrubs. I lost 4 lbs the first trimester and I have only gained back 2 and a half. 

#9. I have been feeling her move and kick. It feels like a soft little poke and it happens several times a day now. Ben can't feel it from the outside yet but I'm betting it won't be long! 

#10. Yes, my darling husband is THRILLED!

#11. I'm sorry, my car is not for sale. I am determined to find a way to put a carseat in the back of the beetle. 

#12. The dogs are going to LOVE the baby. Pugs and Boxers are both breeds known to be EXCEPTIONALLY awesome with new little humans. 

#13. No, the nursery is nowhere close to even being started... 

Sorry it took so long! I hope everyone is doing well!
Katy and Ben and Stella and Georgia and Iggy and Sweet Baby McAwesomepants England.