Sunday, December 16, 2012

Romans 12:15

Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep. 

There is not a single parent or teacher in this country unable to feel the same aching pit of grief deep in the gut that I've had since hearing the news on Friday. Most of us have no connection to anyone in Newtown, Ct but it doesn't matter. Those twenty little faces may have just as well been in our scout troop or on our swim team or running past us in the church hall. Those teachers are the same teachers we bravely (but confidently) trust our most precious treasures to at the beginning of every school year (and rightfully so. They EACH gave their life attempting to protect their little students).

This feels local.
And it should. 

It should feel personal. 
Because it could happen anywhere. Be it in an Amish school house or at the local elementary school two blocks away. 

Right now 26 families are planning funerals.
20 families are trying to decide what to do with the Christmas gifts that their 6 and 7 year olds will never open. 
With the beds that didn't get made friday morning.
 With a laundry basket full of size 6x play clothes. 

How to remind the baby of the big brother she'll barely remember in 3 years time but won't stop asking for now. 

Some people have said that it's because we kicked God out of schools. As if God would EVER abandon these little ones. As if GOD caused or willed this evil act to happen. 

Not MY God.
 My God is a loving God. 
He instilled the bravery in these courageous teachers. He erased the fear these children surely must have felt. He HOLDS THESE FAMILIES CLOSE.
He lost a Son as well. 
It's personal for God too. 

Please join me in continuing to pray for our teachers, our students, our schools, our Country and our law makers. Please pray that Mental Health Care becomes more easily accessible than the weapon used to ruin 26 families. Please pray for safety in our schools.
Please pray for these forever changed families that they find peace.