Monday, April 20, 2009

...sorry for the hiatus...

Ok, So I'm trying to hop back on the blogwagon... As I'm sure you know, the McEnglands are growing a brand new baby McAwesomepants. Baby McEngland is due September 23rd, 2009. This is 2 weeks after our first wedding anniversary. It's been a pretty big year.
SO I guess I'll post answers (some of them a little snarky) to questions I've been getting pretty frequently (as in daily). I bet you can guess the questions so I'll leave those out...

#1. I am feeling great. Yes, I had horrible morning sickness and I threw up my toenails at night on a regular basis. I'm over that for the most part but I've got heartburn that could start a 4 alarm fire. 

#2. I'll be 18 weeks this Wednesday... Yes, It's almost half way there... 4 and a half months. Pregnancy is 10 lunar months. 

#3. No, we don't know what we are having. 

#4.We can find out at the next appointment but we are going to wait until Baby McAwesomepants gets here. 

#5. I feel in  my heart of hearts that it's a girl. Yes, Kip, I know Tom England didn't make girls and neither did Seth on his first attempt at fatherhood.  J.D. McDonald never sired girls (and he had 4 boys)... But guess who had 4 granddaughters? J.D. McDonald. 

#6. We have GREAT, well thought-out names picked out. We aren't telling because we don't want them stolen nor do we want people to try to talk us out of them. 

#7. Our baby was definitely the happiest surprise God ever planned for us up to this point. So yes, technically, this pregnancy was planned. 

#8. I am showing but not very well in scrubs. I lost 4 lbs the first trimester and I have only gained back 2 and a half. 

#9. I have been feeling her move and kick. It feels like a soft little poke and it happens several times a day now. Ben can't feel it from the outside yet but I'm betting it won't be long! 

#10. Yes, my darling husband is THRILLED!

#11. I'm sorry, my car is not for sale. I am determined to find a way to put a carseat in the back of the beetle. 

#12. The dogs are going to LOVE the baby. Pugs and Boxers are both breeds known to be EXCEPTIONALLY awesome with new little humans. 

#13. No, the nursery is nowhere close to even being started... 

Sorry it took so long! I hope everyone is doing well!
Katy and Ben and Stella and Georgia and Iggy and Sweet Baby McAwesomepants England.

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Erica said...

Yes, do NOT tell your baby names. I am a good example of having one picked out, then someone stealing it before I had kids. Grr... yeah, I'm not bitter at all. ;)

BTW, super congrats, darlin! You will be an awesome mommy. :)