Saturday, February 14, 2009

have you ever tried to write you life story in under 100 words?

9lb baby girl born to Catholic Feminist Hospital Folks. Catholic School and Catholic Church. Brothers born when 5 and then 13. Family, Theatre, Books and Music. Swimteam = Summertime= lifeguard. Catholic College turned from actress into nurse. 1st job Catholic hospital where folks met. 1,000 bad dates. 2 sweet puppies. 2nd job found purpose working with sweet sick kiddos. Bought little old house. Bought little red bug. Met sweet beautiful Ben at kiddo hospital (soulmate!). Married soulmate. Got stripey kitten. Made a love child with soulmate. Due date September 23rd, 2009. God is so GOOD!

Under 100 words! love, Mrs. McEngland!

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