Sunday, June 13, 2010

SO I have this wild and crazy idea...

That I can feed my family a healthy, well-rounded, mainly vegetarian diet without my husband or myself missing meat too much... and without my having to choke down any beans. I hate beans. Yes, even black beans. Even in chili. Beans are gross. Well, all beans except green beans and garbanzo beans. This little Mama loves her hummus. Can this be done?

I stumbled upon this hair-brained notion after reading this great little book called Food Rules. It's awesome and so simple that it really got my wheels turning. Now that I'm a stay-at-home Mama/Wife (Domestic Engineer), I've got more time to focus on slow food versus "fast food". What if I cleaned up our diet and moved our family away from over-processed, high fructose corn syrup-filled "edible food-like substances" and moved us towards a more whole foods approach? I'm certain it can be done but it isn't going to be easy. 

My husband is super picky ("No white condiments. No zucchini. No sweet potato. I don't like it when you cook with wine. Let's get a pizza and on my half I want bacon and sausage and diet mountain dew ... " ok, so this isn't a direct quote exactly and I might be fabricating the part about diet mtn dew on a pizza but still, he drinks that stuff ALL the time.) and I'm not much better ("Ew gross, beans! Ketchup only on my burger! Does this chicken salad have pickle relish in it because if so I won't eat it! I will only drink mayfield's skim milk or else I'll just die of brittle bones!") and we both eat healthy about 50% of the time which isn't enough. It just isn't. 

My goal is to prepare hearty, healthy and delicious veggie-based meals that are so awesome that no one misses the meat. I'm not saying remove meat all together, I'm just saying at least 5 nights a week make meals with no meat. Maybe a little fish here and there. Move our healthy eating to 95% of the time. It's going to take baby steps and lots of help. I'm thinking that I might even start a blog all about it with recipes and ideas. Maybe not. It might be the lamest blog ever. I'll have to think about it.

Now, I ask very little of my readers but today I am asking you for help. Please comment or email me with ideas, blog links, recipes as you run across them, your opinion on whether this little idea of mine needs a blog all it's own or not. Thanks so much! 


Erica said...

I have found that blogs are useful for keeping track of things. I have a friend who uses a blog to post all the recipes she tries and how she feels about them. Then she can always go back and read what she wrote or search for a loved recipe. I've thought about doing it myself.

Mommy Elizabeth said...

I love I also read and she has a daily menu blog on the right side of her blog. I was vegetarian for over a year until I got pregnant and then started eating meat again but I am always looking for more vegetarian meals and healthy eating ideas. Crying newborn, will share some more ideas tomorrow :-)