Wednesday, April 28, 2010

8 months...

We became parents 8 months ago. I am stunned that something can simultaneously feel so recent yet so far away but that is how I feel. Declan has grown and changed so much and so fast that it seems to have created a timewarp of sorts in my life. I can't believe how lucky I am that God chose ME to be his mama!

Declan has been super busy...
He doesn't crawl forwards or backwards but... he crawls in a circle like a compass.
He also rolls.
He also climbs.
In short, he gets anywhere he wants to go.
He can pull himself up on our fingers (not sure that counts but I'm counting it.)
He balances well.
He sits and reaches.
He opens and closes his fist for "bye-bye" but he doesn't quite grasp the "bye-bye" concept yet. The wheels are turning, however.
He does give high-fives.
He ADORES peek-a-boo (we say "pee-pie", though)  and will look around the pee-pie towel to try and find me.
He gives Mama super-sloppy kisses on the cheek but will NOT give Daddy's scratchy face any sugar whatsoever!
He LOVES to dance to music. He sways his little head and moves his hands and feet rhythmically to the music. It's so sweet to watch!
He LOVES the hammock and being outside.
He LOVES the girl dogs and pets them surprisingly gentle for someone his age. The sweet girl dogs are equally fond of their little human baby brother.
He LOVES food.
Speaking of food, we have now successfully added lamb, asparagus, cherries, blueberries and yogurt to his diet. This boy LOVES food (did I mention that yet? Ok, well, it just bears repeating!) and we have been truly fortunate to have no issues with food allergies thus far.

I will leave you with a few oldies of sweet Declan's first few days...

(Can you get over how different he looks? I certainly can't!)

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