Saturday, March 20, 2010

SO I didn't post his 6 month stats yet... and he's half way to 7

Ht: 2ft 2 and a quarter of an inch (45%)

Wt: 18lbs 10 oz (65%)

Head Circumference: ?" (90%...they're keeping their eyes on it)

Talents: Being so very brave through his recent surgery(he's my hero), putting his feet in his mouth, giving kisses, petting puppy dogs, sitting up and playing, singing, smiling and laughing. Reaching ... for Mama, Daddy, Cousin Charley. Standing and holding on for long periods of time.

Favorite foods:(after breast milk): Roasted bell peppers and carrots! Nectarines! Avocado!

Still has his Daddy's hair cut, pretty eyes, eyebrow(s)and cute little nose. He's also got his father's brute strength and focused attention span!

Has Mama's cheeks, smile and sense of humor! Who am I kidding, he's a Ben clone. Nevermind!

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