Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh, I almost forgot!

Hello, all you beautiful McEngland blog readers! Today was a MUCH BETTER day than yesterday. Ben took Declan to my Mama's and I felt much better today. Also, my afternoon infusion was cancelled last minute and I got to pick up my sweet son while the sun was still out ( Not seeing a peak of daylight ALL DAY really messes with my ol' mood for SURE). My appetite is still gone as I just picked at lunch but that's ok. I think I'm gonna be  alright after all. I guess Ben won't need to get that paper route after all (You dodged a bullet on that one, Honey Pie! *wink*)

I forgot to give the 4 month update on our little fella. He only gained 3 ounces from last month to this month but he grew almost an inch! The Doc wasn't worried in the least as he gained so much the first 3 months (He's 70% weight and stable at 38% height)  He also gave us the all clear to slowly start baby foods if Declan seemed so inclined. Declan also had to get 4 month shots. He was much easier consoled this time around but the after-effects were worse. He was cranky and he ran a low grade fever off and on for 36 hours after. No FUN!

What was fun was letting Declan try some organic brown rice cereal! He's doing really well with it. Next food on the menu: AVOCADO! Yum! Here's a pic of my handsome prince on his throne enjoying his first feast!

Ok, here's another because I just can't decide which one I like best

And here is one for the ladies...

"Here's lookin' at you, Nana!"

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