Monday, December 14, 2009

Declan has officially been to 5 states!

This past weekend we went to Hattiesburg, MS. It really was a neat little college town. It reminded me of a cross between Mobile, AL and Chattanooga, TN but smaller and less established in areas than both of those places. We really had a great visit. Declan and I were taken around town to look at neighborhoods and visit several schools while Ben was in meetings and interviews.

It was unseasonably cold in Hattiesburg but that didn't stop Declan from being happy!

Ben really loved the job, set-up and benefits and I really loved the Catholic school in Hattiesburg. Sacred Heart is pre-K through 12th grade and it is AMAZING. The kiddos are READING by Kindergarten and the whole place hums with curiosity and excitement. The students love to learn at that school and it's truly wonderful. The school infuses the arts into EVERY subject and there is a real focus on community service. It's everything a Catholic school should be and it is exactly the kind of education I want for Declan as well as any other children we may be blessed with.

It has everything we want except all of our loved ones (friends, family, friends that have morphed into family and vice versa). Hattiesburg would be the perfect fit if it were two towns over or even still in-state or if we could just bring everyone we love with us. The thing is that we are so happy and content here in Knoxville. What if we have to move somewhere and we never find that sense of completeness and belonging again? What if where we move never becomes home to us? It's terrifying... which is why I'm asking for prayers.

 I know this isn't an easy thing to do especially since so many of you want exactly what we want, which is for us to stay right here. None the less, please pray that we may find our place and that we end up where we can do the most good. That God's plan prevails and we can trust his will... and learn to suck it up and answer his call no matter how far it takes us from where we want to be.
Thanks, sweet friends.

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The Fawvers said...

Aw well, Declan is precious in his new pic!! I suppose I will pray for you all! JUST KIDDING-- of course I want you exactly where you should be!! We love you very much and will still love you if you move!! IF you PROMISE to visit haha :)
So glad you all enjoyed it!