Monday, December 21, 2009

First day back at work...

*I sobbed the entire drive to my Mama's.
*I sobbed when I nursed my son one last time before leaving.
*I sobbed when I kissed him goodbye.
*I sobbed when I drove away.
*I was glad I wore water-proof mascara
*I couldn't remember my clock-in number then...
*I thought I remembered it suddenly.
*I lost my appetite.
*I talked to my Mama at lunch and guess what (here's a hint...I SOBBED!)
*I discovered I was double booked for the afternoon.
*My second infusion was an hour and forty-five minutes late getting started which means...
*I didn't get to leave work until 5 minutes before 6.
*I didn't remember my clock-in number after all...
*I sobbed all the way back to my Mama's.

My son, however, had a GREAT day. Gramma took him to get his picture made with Santa and then they met a friend for lunch. I don't think he even noticed that he hadn't seen me all day. Oh well.

Tomorrow better be easier or else Ben will have to get a paper route. Keep me in your prayers!

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