Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Declan's very first Thanksgiving...

Started on Tuesday when the McDonald grandparents came in.

Wednesday, he got to watch Mama bake some cakes and back on up to the big house we went, where he strolled in his stroller as Mama and Gramma walked and talked... and Bo, Uncle Jamesy's big ol' bull-in-a-china-shop of a boxer, got sprayed by a skunk. Fun City.

Thursday, that dear Daddy of Declan's was off work for the first time in about a month and a half. He got to go for a nice long run and when Daddy gets to run, the whole house hums with happiness! After Daddy had a shower, we packed the car and headed on out to get our thankful turkey party started! We dropped off a cake at the big house only to find that Uncle Micah had purchased a silver Vespa. We left and headed up to Kingsport for the Durnin family Thanksgiving. As you can see, Declan...

was the center of attention!

We also were lucky enough to visit with Ben's sweet Aunt Sabra and Uncle John. Cousin Laura and Cousin Heath were there too. They had their Christmas tree up and Declan just LOVED watching the lights. It was so very sweet.

Friday was an entire day of Man-Time with Daddy while I participated in a long-standing McDonald female tradition of shopping and lunch with my Mama (Gramma) and my aunt Barbara (the grand Barb!) Cousin Reece and her dear mother-in-law, Debbie (Aunt Nana!)... Did I mention that lunch includes wine? Very well, then.

Saturday was super fun! Declan got to meet his Nashville cousins at the England Family Thanksgiving. It was so sweet to see Paige and Preston play with Declan. Nan and Bop-Bop were impressed with Declan's heft and also all of his England charm! Declan was impressed with Nan's ability to snuggle and sway at the same time!

Sunday was "Festive Christmas Family Picture" day at the big house with Gramma, Granddaddy, Jamesy, Micah and us. The following photo best exemplifies the chaos of Thanksgiving this year...

And this next one is how Declan feels about his routine being messed with since Tuesday...

This would be a pouty frown. Sad day!

Monday morning found Daddy with a very painful back, Mama with a sinus infection and Declan unafraid of vocalizing his displeasure about being slighted out of all those naps! Whew!

I hate to break it to him but the next few weeks will find Declan's cheese DEFINITELY moved.

That's all for now!

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The Fawvers said...

Holy cow- does he just get cuter every day or what??
I love the pic of your family, because it is so real! If only I could catch a pic of my family during those moments- maybe it is better that I don't.