Friday, December 26, 2008


Hi friends and family! I'm Sweet Georgia Brown England! Most people call me Georgia and Mama calls me Sweet George B or Georbie! Mama said I get to write the Christmas blog since it's my very favorite time of year EVER in the history of the world!

We had such a great Christmas this year! Daddy talked Mama into getting a real live  tree instead of decorating house plants and it looked SOOOOOOOOOO pretty! It was the prettiest tree ever ! The best part is that we get to plant it in the back yard so that in the summer time when I miss Christmas, I can go back and visit our tree any time I want!

Oooh! Did I tell you that Santa came, too? We thought he might skip us this year since Iggy knocked 3 ornaments off the tree and I ate a whole box of baklava... but it wasn't bad enough, I guess, because he still came! I got a new red bed and a pretty pink collar and some new toys and a raw hide. Stella got a round bed, purple collar and some new toys and Iggy got a new blue square bed and a bunch of mice toys... but Daddy got the best present of all... Mama had Daddy's old trombone polished up and guess what?!?! Santa brought him a NEW MOUTH PIECE... Daddy played a little bit in the living room and I got to sing along! Mama said I have perfect pitch!  Oh! Guess what else? Santa brought Daddy SEA MONKEYS!!! I am SO EXCITED that I can't even stand it one bit! I'll tell you all about them once they hatch!

Wanna hear the best part? Mama and Daddy have not had to work very much at all which means that we can all play even more! That's the best part about Christmas ... spending time with the people you love the most in the whole wide world!

Sweet Georgia B.

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Valerie said...

Georgia, you gorgeous girl! I like this new layout your mommy has going on- easier on my peepers. :-)

I heard rumor there's a Wii Fit in your house now- I'll need to hear about that...