Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our pretty new kitchen!

Ben and I became super-productive this weekend.  When I first bought the house about 4 years ago, the kitchen was ghastly. The backsplash and the countertops were vinyl... melted-plastered-and-painted-over-hunter-green vinyl. Friends came over and helped me rip it down and my brother, Jamesy, and his best friend for ever, Steven, came over and put up beadboard paneling on the walls where the ugly melty vinyl had been and then tiled the backsplash and countertops... SO SWEET except they ran out of grout and the sides remained tiled but groutless for almost FOUR YEARS... and the beadboard never got painted. Today, loved ones, I am proud to announce that the kitchen remodel is nearly complete! Have a look! We also painted the walls a pretty light aqua!

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Valerie said...

It looks fabulous! I see the Joy of Cooking, the Virgin Mary... and a gnome! What else would a kitchen need?