Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have this friend...

This is a picture on the City of Knoxville website of my dear friend, Cheryl, and her sister, Kate (Kate is my friend, too, but this particular blog is more about Cheryl).

Every year, Cheryl and her sister, Kate, wrap up boxes in red and green Christmas paper and cut holes for their arms and heads and parade along in the Knoxville Christmas parade as dancing Christmas presents.  They aren't a sanctioned float nor are they paid to do this (although, they oughta be!) and the first 2 years they did it they were afraid they might get arrested. Somehow, these two manage to be in EVERY commercial promoting said Christmas parade AND are now on the City of Knoxville website...

More than once she has convinced me to strike some random yoga pose in the middle of a bar or belt out Loretta Lynn tunes on a karaoke stage. As a swim coach, she makes small children feel like US gold medal olympic contenders and brooding teenagers come out of their shells and into a world chock full of possibility. She gives random people the courage to express their hidden talents and for the last five years she's convinced her beloved sister, Kate, to dance around dressed as a giant Christmas present for the whole city of Knoxville to enjoy. 

I'm pretty proud to know her and when I saw her picture on the website, I got a little teary eyed... I felt I needed to mention my famous friend(s). Cheer extra loud for the dancing Christmas presents tomorrow night.

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