Saturday, December 6, 2008

Now, I'm not one to gossip...

Hey ya'll! It's me, Stella, your girl with her ear-to-the-ground! I have GOT to tell you what I just saw around the house today. 

 Ok, So first off, Iggy has been trying to pick fights with Georgia and me ALL DAY but we have totally put him in his place. Most OBNOXIOUS little brother EVER! He runs up and swats at Georgia's face with his paws. Mama says "He's boxin' her ears!" but she never tries to stop him. He's been trying to take me down, too, which is totally ANNOYING! Whatever.

Ok, So what else... Daddy's trying to be super handy around the house tonight. He pretty much just made the kitchen sink explode a few minutes ago. All I heard was a loud WHOOSH sound and then Mama got up and ran to the kitchen... I was rightbehind her and we saw water shooting everywhere. Mama and me were laughing soooooooooo hard that we couldn't help. Daddy got so totally soaked.

Here's another... Mama's been trying to get Daddy to take her ice skating for about 2 years but he never would because he was afraid that since Mama took lessons when she was my age that she'd be better than him. Well today, Daddy finally took her. She fell TWICE but Daddy didn't fall even once! Mama said he did great!  I totally had to babysit Iggy and Georgia all day,though, so that was kind of lame. Ok, that's totally all the juicy stuff I got today! TTFN!

-Stella K. England. 


Valerie said...

Stella- please be nice to Iggy! He's outnumbered!

You should give your mommy extra kisses today and be very nice, because her caboose is probably quite sore- ouch!

And what does the "K" stand for in Stella K. England?

McEngland like the McCountry said...

K is for KATHLEEN. I'm named after my mother. Have a great day, Aunt V.