Friday, February 15, 2013

L.P.D.C. "See"

The prompt today was "See"

**Spoiler alert**
 My family is my whole wide world so pretty much all of the pictures I post are going to be of them. If you do not enjoy pictures of the world's greatest dogs, impossibly beautiful children and a breathtakingly handsome husband/father then you better lurk someone else's blog. 

This is Aengus. He's my youngest heartthrob. Here he was playing in a blackout tent and peeked out to say "Faprise!" 

I see a bright light in a dark place when I look at this picture. 
This is my Aengus.

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Jamie said...

Love this post Katy! I saw this L.P.D.C. challenge and thought it was too hard. Maybe I should have challenged myself.