Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Baron T.T. Von TeeTeePants (This is what the original nickname, "Mr. Cheekers" has evolved into.... also known as Declan's alter ego, "TeeTee" for short, "TT" for shorter) has been up to his eyeballs in 'nanigans this past week but most especially today. Here is a brief overview.

- TT sprouted his first tooth at the beach and shortly thereafter began trying to prove that he's man enough to eat steak by climbing and rolling out of the inflatable bathtub-duck/baby-pool with the gusto of a sailor climbing out of a submarine...
-And giving high-fives.
-We went out to lunch one day at the beach and our son, the one who CLIMBS and ROLLS and STANDS but refuses to crawl, began dancing in his high chair with surprising rhythm to classic rock (the WHO's "Baba O'Reilly" more specifically) It was quite the show he put on.
-He still refuses to crawl... unless you've got the red Monkey rattle from Nana's house, then he'll think it over.

-Today the note from daycare read "Declan climbed ONTO the toy shelf and picked out his own toy".
-This afternoon when we got home, I noticed that Declan's diaper was unfastened. This is the third time this week I've noticed this but have, until now, contributed it to slipshod/in-a-hurry diapering skills. I refastened his diaper with great care only to find him pulling the tabs loose and then rolling out of said diaper.
-When Ben got home from work, the mattress on the crib was quickly lowered to the lowest setting.

Here are pictures taken of Declan TT.

After the bath
(note the "reverse superman" pose)

Flossing his tooth

Why the crib mattress was lowered

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