Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whirlwind December.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was really kicking myself the first half of December for trying to organize(Who? Me?! Shouldn't we hire an adult to handle this for us? Oh, right... Crap! ) a move during the Christmas season. It was a crazy month, indeed, and that's without even counting Christmas.

We moved on December 16th, the same day as Ben's sweet Grandma passed away. Our first week here in Johnson City, TN was spent in a haze of grief, packing peanuts and christmas paper. We are so incredibly grateful to be here, though. It was a stressful week but we kept our heads down and plowed on through. Can I just say how nice it is to be so close to family that you can see your cousins every day if you'd like? It's a blessing.

 We finished our Christmas shopping up on the morning of the 23rd(I HATE not being completely done and wrapped before then but with the move, what could we do really? ), I locked myself in our bedroom with all the Christmas paper and a glass of wine and I didn't come out until everything was wrapped. Then, our dear friends, The Champneys, mercifully had us all over for dinner. It was delicious and fantastic! They have 4 littles and their two youngest are boys and are very close in age to our boys. It makes for some good times. It was there that we discovered that this one :

...had his own ideas about what constitutes "Busy". AS IF a big move, a funeral, lots of Gramma/Nana time and Christmas were not enough, Aengus decided that he would go ahead and learn to crawl AND ALSO cut 2 teeth (and alsonotsleepmorethan30minutesATaTIME!!! No, I'm not bitter. I'm just exhausted, y'all!) I thought I had at least another month.  Seems to be taking after Declan. 

Speaking of Declan, the kid is STILL talking about Santa Clause, Jingle Bells and the Angels watching "Baby DEEESUS!... ALL TRU DUH NIIIIIIIIGHT!!!" He had a great Christmas! Here's some pics from Christmas:

Have a Happy New Year!

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Jamie said...

Those boys of yours sure are beautiful!