Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On to lighter fair... The January wind-down

(Ben giving us the Insanity fierce face!)

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this but if you know me in real life you've probably heard me fuss whine discuss that Ben and I have been working our way through the Beach Body Insanity Work-out Program after the boys go to bed. It's a 2 month cardio/strength training series that has effectively taken us about 8 weeks just to get through the first half(we DID start the program right before Thanksgiving AND ALSO moved in that time so we had to restart a few of the weeks a time or two). Well, we've started the 2nd month and if we stay on track we'll wrap it up around mid February. I'll post before and after pics once we've finished the program (and if I can build up the nerve to post awful pictures of my paunchy postpartum body on the world wide for anyone to see). We'll see. I haven't lost any real weight but I've definitely toned up and built up cardio strength and Ben looks GREAT!  Also, it's been a great "Team Building" exercise for Ben and I because neither of us would work this hard without the other.

We did get a little snow earlier in the month and Declan thoroughly enjoyed it. It is so nice to have a back yard for him to run around in! I loved letting him play until he wore himself out!

Declan and Aengus received a red wagon from Nana and Poppy for Christmas and... 

well, I think the pictures will explain it better than any words I can come up with...

Obviously, Declan is pretty obsessed with the red wagon. He talks about it all the time and it has stolen the #1 spot for "most awesome activity" from playing in the "Rump-USSSSS!! RUMPUS ROOM!". He is very particular, though. He wants the handle of the wagon to be within reach from inside the wagon at all times. It's pretty awesome. 

Aengus has learned to say "Mama!"  and it is Amamamamaazing! Declan said "Dadda" for about 6 or more months before bothering to call after me so I guess it's only fair. Aengus is also learning the meaning of friendship and has 2 best friends besides his big bro. 

(Sweet Georgia Brown... our beloved boxer and Aengus' snuggle buddy BIG TIME)

(Baby C... They crawl around and laugh at each other. It's about the sweetest thing you've ever seen)
(Baby C's big bro is Declan's best bud. Declan hollers "Mon How-wee!"and Toddler H is there.)

Anyway, so that's what we've got! I hope that makes up for the last bummer post. If that doesn't than this should...

See ya next time!

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