Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh the horror!

Declan had his 2 month shots today. He threw the biggest fit I'd ever seen while the Doc was examining him and this was BEFORE the shots. It was almost as if he knew what was coming. The Doc said our fella looked great and meeting all of his milestones. Declan spit out about half of his rotovirus vaccine (It was oral) and the rest were given by injection into his chubby little thighs. He cried his little heart out until I nursed him. He calmed down as soon as he latched on and then he slept the whole way home.
Here are his stats so far.

AGE: 2 months on the nose
WEIGHT:13 lbs (this is 78th percentile weight for age)
HEIGHT:22inches (this is 22nd percentile height for age)
HAIR COLOR: Reddish brown and he still has all of it but his head is getting bigger so it's spreading a little thin on top. WE are seeing new growth, however.
EYE COLOR: Dark blue-ish, gray-ish green-ish.
HAS MOM'S: Cheeks, chin, mouth, smile
HAS DAD'S: Eyes, nose, hairline, dimple and appetite!

Stay tuned for more crazy England antics!


Alyce Sindall said...

Love the blog! We have one as well....

The Fawvers said...

I just love his pictures! He is so sweet!!