Monday, October 19, 2009

my newborn son...

My beautiful newborn son is now nearly 2 months old... which means he isn't a newborn anymore. As you can plainly see, he is so beautiful he makes my heart ache for a dozen more just like him. He's growing so big and so fast right before my eyes and I wish I could live in the moment better or stop time just for a second to take him all in.

Here are the updates for our darling Declan.
He is sleeping from 7:30 pm to 7:00 am with a "wake-up and nurse" break around 11:00pm and 3:45 am and he eats and goes right back to sleep. This is much improved from the "wake up and nurse" breaks that occurred every hour to hour and a half. Ben and I both find we love him EVEN MORE now that he lets us sleep longer (haha)

His smiles are about a 50/50 ratio of gas to true amusement now.

He grasps and pats my shoulder and pulls Ben's chest hair.

He whacks at toys and clutches his frog lovey at bedtime.

He holds his head up VERY well but every now and then swings it around like a belligerent drunk baby... Don't worry, we haven't let him into the liquor cabinet yet (We only let him get milk drunk, people!).

Also, you should know, he aces his "tummy-time" work outs. We are having so much fun with this little fella that we can hardly stand it.

The Englands

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The Fawvers said...

I love you guys! He is just precious!