Saturday, April 14, 2012

A.D.H.D. melt-down.

The past 2 and a half weeks have looked like this:

My Mama (Or "Gramma" as she's known around these parts) had a non-life-threatening medical emergency that required emergency surgery and a brief medical suspension of driving privileges.

My Daddy (A.K.A. "Grandaddy") then followed that up with a non-life-threatening medical emergency and a brief medical suspension of driving privileges of his own.

Got my hair did. And dyed some of it pink. It's cute and I don't have a boss to dictate inappropriate so party on, Wayne. 

Easter (Holy Salvation, Batman...And too much candy.)

A plane ride to Buffalo by myself. Oh wait... Did I just say "By Myself"? I had both children with me. (Ben stayed home because he had to work)

 Neither child has hit the ripe old age of 3 yet.

Full flights. Most definitely not alone. 

Seven nights of sharing a bedroom with both of my sons.

And of not playing footsie with my sweet husband. 

Return flight back to Tennessee with both boys in tow.
(I threatened to leave the big one a time or two) 

567 images uploaded from camera onto computer.


Now I have to delete and edit.
**Overwhelmed and shuts down**

In case you've ever wondered...

Here's what I look like. 

I think it's very telling that I'm out of focus in this photo.

Have a nice day. 

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