Sunday, August 8, 2010


In 21 days Declan will be a year old. He's the sweetest, snuggliest boy! Today we asked him who is best friend was. Did he say "Dadda"? Did he say "BaaMaa"(That's his attempt at "Mama")? No, He furiously made the sign for "Milk". Ha!

He spends at least 25% of his waking day laughing at Stella and playing with her. He spends another 25% cruising around the living room holding onto Georgia. I am so incredibly blessed to watch those three sweet little souls play all day long! Declan is all- boy in his love of canines (seriously, he smiles, waves and laughs at every dog he meets and every picture of a dog he sees!) and I can't help but think that  it's in part to how sweet and gentle his own pups are with him. I'm one lucky Mama!

Today, we also discovered that Declan will give hugs and kisses if you ask him for  a "Hug and a kiss!". 
Here is a video I shot with the phone and edited on the computer of Declan bouncing, playing with Stella and his new snuggly, huggy trick! 


Something Blue said...

Okay, that little thing he does at the beginning is what my mom used to call crocodile tears! In other words, faking tears...often given away by bursts of laughter or smiles. :)

Something Blue said...

BTW, OMG, you guys have got to have more babies. You make such gorgeous ones that it would literally be a sin to not have more. :) I want to eat him with a spoon! AHHH!!!!!! It's just too much. I hope my babies are half that cute. :)

BTW, I worry a lot about introducing a baby to our dogs. When I get to that point, I need tips, lady.

McEngland like the McCountry said...

I'll tell you what, from my personal but limited experience and research, pugs and boxers live up to their reputation for being good with kids. The trick, from what I've read, is to allow early and frequent supervised interaction with baby. If you constantly panic and freak out at the dog for going near the baby or licking the baby you are in for resentment and danger. Little boys were made to be covered in dog slobber anyway.

Also, spaying and neutering and being an overall responsible pet owner (which you are, I'm certain) goes a LONG way towards cohesiveness. I'm telling you, unaltered dogs LOSE it when they smell hormones etc... it's their nature and they can't help it. If you don't neuter your big bull of a dog and he bites somebody when you're postpartum, you were asking for it.

McEngland like the McCountry said...

Also, thanks for the sweet words about cute babies. You and Matt will have GORGEOUS babies and, like our baby, it will be hard to tell which parent baby Thurman looks more like.

Don't worry about Declan being an only child. We want a big family. We'll have as many as God and our finances will allow.

McEngland like the McCountry said...
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