Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Family Medicine Graduation

(My redeye photo editor gave Ben the crazy eyes... Sorry!)

Dear Baby,
           Last night I watched your handsome, wonderful daddy complete his formal training in family medicine.  Your dear father worked very VERY hard for 23+ years of formal education to get to the podium last night. It took lots of sacrifice, not only from him but from his amazingly supportive and loving family (which happens to be yours and mine too, now, and yes, we are quite lucky). He made everyone at our table very proud last night. He EVEN won the Dr. Moon award. The Dr. Moon Award goes to the graduating resident that most exemplifies what it means to be a family physician. The presenter said that your daddy was a very smart, very good physician that genuinely cares about his patients and their families and giving them the best care. They said he had an "Amazing" bedside manner... and Baby, do you know that your daddy is so humble that he said he didn't deserve it? That daddy of yours is something else. 
             Baby, if you grow up to be even half as spectacular as your daddy then you will be at least twice as spectacular as nearly everyone else I've ever met. I hope you get more than just that ol' daddy's nose. I hope you get his super-smart brain, his work ethic, his great big loving and humble heart and maybe his dimple... I also hope that you always know how much I love your daddy without even having to be told about it. I love you, too, sweet kicky baby. You are, by far, the coolest miracle I've ever been blessed to be a part of. 
your mama.

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