Friday, June 19, 2009

So we took a little blogging nap...

We're back online now, though. Much has happened since we last checked in with ye olde blogspot. Ben dug up our back yard and started to build a patio. Ben had shoulder surgery( more on that WITH pics later). Ben's brothers and dad spent many long hot hours finishing patio (Thanks Englands! It's nice not twisting my ankle on the way to the laundry shed PLUS it looks AMAZING! )... I'm here growing a giant baby that kicks me to pieces. My stomach is HUGE ! Oh yeah, and we also had a 3d ultrasound. I'm accepting that while I'm doing all the heavy lifting in re: to this pregnancy this kid looks WAY more like Ben than me (Not fair in the least) which is why I'm guessing now that it's a boy. I'm still hoping against hope for a girl. I don't want to hear it from anyone, though. It's best not to bring it up with me or else hormones get the best and I'm a huge puddle of tears. Seriously. Don't bring it up. I am so grateful that this baby is healthy and at this point I'm just praying for a safe delivery, an effective epidural and a cheerful baby. 
That's the news from the McEnglands ! Happy Fathers Day!

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