Monday, November 24, 2008

Testes one, two . Is this thing on?!?

Yo Home-Ezzzzz (get it?!?! Neither did Mom but it sounded LOLcats in my head). It's your favorite McEngland, Ignatius J. AWESOME here. I'm back from the Vet and two testes lighter! (What WHAT!!! I said it!). The vet said I was AWESOME the whole time and purred and purred practically non-stop the entire time I was there. I know it made Mom proud when he told her that but I think I'd rather he told Santa instead of Mom. PEACE OUT, Yo!


Valerie said...

Iggy, I have a confession- I have clicked over here several times today just to look at your precious little nose!

Your favorite aunt (that you haven't met yet)

McEngland like the McCountry said...

Aunt Val,
You rock my face off... and according to the girls, you and Suz are tied for favorite aunt ... but you DID sent me my first e-mail, though.
Your favorite HAIRY nephew